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Tanavob Sanat Siraf Company with several years of experiences in provision, installation and launching electrical and instrumentation components and equipment has a great awareness of new practical methods. Tanavob Sanat Siraf Company also is the main member of vendor list of many big oil and gas companies like SPGC, POGC, ICOFC and several refineries. The company successfully has completed several projects in provision, installation and launching instrumentation and controlling systems. Tanavob Sanat Siraf Company by the help of experienced engineers in the field of electrical and instrumentation components and equipment and technical consulting has achieved the satisfaction of its customers. Possessing valuable resources including a very good technical reputation, experienced managers and skilled staff, this company has achieved a high and certain position in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries, customer orientation and offering smart solutions is the main goal of the company.

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oil industry material


lunching instrumentations and controlling systems


Equipment and instrumentation and measuring devices


provision instrumentations and electrical components and equipment


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Address: 3rd floor, Bushehr Central Trading Building, In the corner of Lian street, Dehghan Blv. , Bushehr- Iran - P.O.Box: 7516789678
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