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South Pars Gas Field


South Pars gas field is the largest independent gas reserve in the world which is shared by Iran ‎and Qatar. The field is 105‏‎ kilometers away from the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone. The ‎reservoir covers 9,700‎ square kilometers in total with 3,700‏‎ square kilometers belonging to Iran. ‎According to latest figures, the field contains more than 51‏‎ trillion cubic meters of natural ‎ gas. It stands for about 48 percent of Iran’s confirmed reserves.‎

Considering the vast area of this gas field, its development was planned in several phases. The aim of developing of South Pars is ‎supplying the increasing demand for the natural gas required for the country’s domestic ‎consumption, injecting gas  into the oil fields, and exporting gas and condensates. Supplying gas as ‎feedstock for the petrochemical industry is on the agenda of the National Iranian Oil Company ‎‎(NIOC).‎

The field is already being developed in different phases; so far 14 gas processing plants have been ‎planned. With regards to the reservoir’s capacity, the development phases can increase to 28‎ ‎phases or even more to further develop the giant gas field. Meanwhile, 15 huge petrochemical complexes and a wide ‎range of downstream petrochemical units, different related industries, semi-heavy industries, ‎marine industries and considerable number of service related facilities are predicted in this zone. ‎